Health and wellness Screening

Some sort of Revolutionizing Process in order to avoid and Treat Just about any Disease Effectively

Wellness Screening – Reduction and Disease command.

The new “holistic well being center” consists of unique, completely holistic (entire body) oriented ingredients: A) Fast, helpful, pain-free and noninvasive diagnosis, B) Inspecting and immediate remedying of meridian blockages, C) Energy therapy more than 200 disease situations including cancer, nerve- and bone correlated diseases, D) Health and fitness monitoring and beneficial prevention to avoid foreseeable future disease manifestation.

An alternative Health Center while in the design of a mini-clinic will serve the exact urgent need about health screening along with prevention. Health Screening process is a new way for early noninvasive examination, usually performed in a few minutes. It is good over 5. 000 year old knowledge of the regular Chinese Medicine (TCM) which is the first reliable Meridian Diagnostic in the world. Cost effective and highly exact – up 95%.

Meridian diagnostic is definitely the core concept of useful health analyzes. Your computer based high tech rating of the 12 principal meridians and its linked organs. It provides a finish energetically picture of any person displayed in the easy to read graphical style. The measuring details are (20) about the fingers and (20) on the toes. All round biological energy levels, meridian balance, yin instant yang, left tutorial right, top — bottom organs, and so on is recorded and they are used for future remedy control (health screening).

Energy levels over 50 percent reflect health, energy source, less aging, excessive immune system activity. Levels of energy under 50% indicate energy deficit, very low immune system activity, disorder condition, chronic health problems.

Therapy suggestions are generally displayed with particular treatment points. One of several major advantages of the very Meridian Diagnostic would be the advantage to discover unfamiliar Meridian Blockages within the system. When several meridian blockages is out there the patient becomes Treatments Resistant, which means zero therapy will have a satisfactory effect. With the BioGraph meridian diagnostic technique we are able not only to learn blockages furthermore you can treat and “delete” those blockages quickly. The patient turns via therapy resistant straight into therapy receptive. The treatment effects are re-established.

The second component inside the Holistic Health Facility is the world primary and cost efficient “Pulsating Energy Resonance Therapy” (PERTH) acc. for you to Prof. Dr . Werner (Germany).

Four (4) complete professional treatments systems on a therapies bed will assist app. 32-50 men and women treatments per day. The proportions can be extended to eight therapy systems and definitely will serve more than sixty four people treatments every day. The basic research on the PERTH therapy was founded in the early 1920’s using Dr . Royal Rife (The end coming from all diseases), later study by over 190 Russian researcher with the space program MIR in Russia as 1994 the research is usually finalized by a recognized German researcher in addition to medical professional Prof. Doctor Werner. In cohesiveness with leading In german universities Werner designed the cancer plus bone therapy courses with proven brings into reality 1000’s of as well as clinical studies.

The modern PRTH P5 specialized treatment system is simple to operate, noninvasive, pain free and even highly effective for reduction and disease cure. The energy increase are usually monitored with the Meridian Diagnosis immediately after a therapy session.

Particular meridians and related body organs are effected number of years before a disease turns into a pathological issue. (green – normal, discolored – attention together with red – alerts treatment is necessary). By way of example most cancer clients have an energy level associated with only 25%, or simply energy deficit regarding 75%. This means immune system is nearly not performing anymore. Fertile terrain for cancer cell phone grow is established with out major defense. Cancers can spread by the body processes. The reverse condition high energy levels : a powerful immune system, strengthening vitality and a low toxic environment do not let cancer cell expand. Disease development of any specific becomes impossible. Typically the Meridian Diagnosis as well as PERTH treatment combo will make those examples visible and fast treatment plans could be developed. The treatment influence is tested and also recorded on a patient by simply patient basis in the very first measurement rapid therapy – statistic sequence.

This shows the most effective way to prevent any specific disease long time ahead of it would appear. Moreover the treatment of existing illnesses is not “blind” ever again and the patient instructions treatment response may be finalized through numerous therapy applicators. To illustrate mat treatment intended for energy balancing along with meridian harmonization, breathable oxygen increase in the blood (65% after 10 minutes), immune system boost, a great deal better sleep and vitalization etc . The treatment while using head applicator for those central nervous system, head, eyesight, ear, nose conditions and brain associated diseases like Parkinson, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s and so forth The intensive applicator device for all joint relevant problems and to reconstruct the cartilage, and that is alone a trends and was absolutely impossible before. Eventually a point applicator for virtually any pain related event. The PERTH cure system is very easy to work with, any therapist tool can perform the treatment after the short introduction. Just a therapy prepare is in place persons for therapy and also prevention can go to and from on their scheduled session without long patiently waiting periods.